About The Daily Kevin
The Daily Kevin is a resource for entrepreneurs who want to build his own business – whether it’s on the virtual or real world. You will also find a lot of business-related basic theory, strategies, and marketing ideas to generate a decent income – but How to start your own business?
Who is Kevin Liu?

I was born in a small village in Taiwan. After I graduate from university with Msc. degree, I worked for several different amazing corporations as an IT profession. But there are some parts of life beyond my control. A couple of downturns in the economy hit my industry hard. In 2015 I noticed that I wasn’t living a life I wanted… I began to search for some alternatives online and learned about Cashflow Quadrant. At that moment, I realized that something had to change for my life…
The mindset needs to switch from employee to entrepreneur. — A new journey has begun.

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